A Man by any Colour, is just a Man

Love Colour

Growing up in South Africa where racism and apartheid was the order of the day, I clearly remember my dad saying “Don’t you even think of bringing home a black man!”.  Well that was not even in my line of thinking at the time.  As a silly little white girl  I only saw white anyway.  Then my dad died and I grew up.

My life has brought many diverse men across my life-path and there are a couple that have had a very long lasting effect on me, my husband being one such man. But it doesn’t end with my husband and his skinny white butt….not by a long shot.

There was one particular man, a South African Indian, who captured my mind and then later my heart in early 2008. I loved him for the man that he was; intelligent, funny, passionate and caring.  I was instantly attracted to him the minute I laid my eyes on him and he completely took over my soul.  But then life changed and we had to part ways and it took me close to 5 years to be able to say the pain of loosing him has left me heart.

Ok we will take a 5 min break now so that those of you who are proudly racist are done shaking your head in disbelief and removed your jaw from the floor, let me explain.

That Charra will forever be the first man that allowed me to see past race and stigma that goes with skin colour.  Ever since having been with him I’ve looked at men of a different culture with a new light and I will go as far as to say that I may even have developed a preference.

Oh hell yes, I have met another man, and he too has pleasantly surprised me.  He has a wonderful personality, he is intelligent, funny as all hell and has the most caring nature.  All these things are not bound to one’s own race and that is a life lesson I am grateful to have learnt. Indeed even black men are human, imagine that!  I will go as far as to say that if I were not married with kids, I would have pursued a relationship with this man.  Hell, if my dad was alive, I would have definitely brought him home.

Another friend I have just recently acquired is a Coloured lady.  She is awesome and I love her to bits and I thank my lucky stars that she is in my life.  I had the privilege to spend a few nights at her home where she lives with her parents.  What a wonderful bunch of people they are!  We had such fun and made many jokes about me being their new White maid.  It even went as far as her Indian mom and I getting sloshed on some fine wine.  I felt completely at home with the Coloured folks.

So what is the purpose of this post? Simply put, just don’t judge a person because of his or her colour.  If you do, you may be missing out on knowing someone super awesome and that would be rather fucked up.

Yeah okay, I know, us humans are just judgemental creatures by default and even I can’t escape the need to judge the shit out of someone.  Only now, I judge people on their level of stupidity because let’s face it, you can crack more jokes about a stupid person than the colour of their skin.

And I think racists are ultimately stupid….


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