Wake up and smell the coffee Bitch!

Smell the coffee

Deceit seems to be a form of art for some.  They pride themselves on painting the most beautiful illusions of grandeur over a simple cup of coffee.

Whatever you do and wherever  you go  in life, you can be assured to meet at least one person that will con you into thinking, believing and seeing what you want to see.  They are generally those intellectual, forward thinking people with an eye for detail.  They know what you want and they go out of their way to create those illusions for you so that it may serve their insatiable need for sadistic entertainment.

While you are still sipping on your coffee, they’ve already targeted your weakness and begun to mix the ingredients required to deceive.  They pick up all those little breadcrumbs you leave lying around and turn them into mouth-watering, buttery French croissants and then feed them back to  you.  Watching, smirking inside, as you relish on their bullshit…

In my life I’ve met many a Boulanger, and I’ve always managed to sniff out the bullshit from the bread.  And that is fair, that is life, assholes are expected and circumvented.  However I fear I have fallen for the bullshit of a Claude Monet incarnate!  No baked goods this time, only masterful paintings.  My unsuspecting eyes feasting on illusions so grand, so rich and full of detail that they almost seem to be tangible.  Even though I can’t keep my eyes off all the intricacies and masterful strokes, I can still, sadly, smell the bullshit.

We live in a world where people are out to hurt each other for their own entertainment and benefit.  We’ve lost the ability to confide in each other and trust each other with our fears, secrets and even desires.  We are no longer caring and mindful of each others feelings.

For once, I wish when I meet someone, that all the croissants I’m being fed, that all the Monet’s being hung above my head, could be laced with only honesty and beauty…













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